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Coming in to existence in 1993.Sunlit group has a single minded focus.To become No.1 designer and manufacturer of lighting controls nationally and globally.

Inspired by the revolutions happening in the field of lighting in developed countries, Sunlit is making pioneering efforts to create those technical competencies in India?a fast developing nation,where lighting is no less in strategic importance.

Beginning its pursuit with a simple step?manufacturing technologically superior,long lasting electronic ballasts,which enhance the lumen output and life of the fluorescent lamps,sunlit stood pioneer in the country by launching 5 year warranty to electronic ballasts.


Sunlit is committed to provide the best suitable lighting solution and related services for their customers enabling reduction in overall cost, energy consumption and environmental impact


Sunlit shall strive for achieving the position of most valued partner to our customers in providing sustainable lighting solutions and consistently delivering the best service experience.


Sunlit shall make continual efforts to enhance customer satisfaction with the product and services related to lighting needs of the customer.


Understanding the customer: Understand and recognize the importance of all customers and their specific need related to lighting requirement.

Communication: Proper Listening, responsive, understand the sense of urgency and communicate promptly & honestly with the customer

Provide options: make available the possible alternatives to the customer and help the customer to select the most suitable option.

Problems as opportunities: Take any problem as an opportunity to improve. Solving problems will enable us to raise the quality of our products and services.

Demonstrations: To provide experience with the lighting solutions by suitable demonstrations to help the customer to take the right decisions.

Tailored solutions: to provide tailored solutions those are right for the specific customer and to strive for customer delight.

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